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Note from Michael Stump, Ph.D.:


Thank you for selecting SME Bio. 

As precision medicine continues to grow, the request for biological samples is becoming more complex. These complexities are making the fulfillment of biological samples more challenging. In addition to these complexities, then the need to ensure a high-quality sample is more important than ever before.  Furthermore, privacy laws are being implemented to ensure that patient data is being protected.  My background in the industry allows me to provide sourcing for these quality biological samples that meet all of the above needs of complexity, quality, privacy concerns, and with a white glove client support.  Ultimately, I am looking to build long-term partnerships and not just act as a vendor.  

Note from Erin Worthy, MBA:

As a consultant for start-up biotech companies, I often saw my clients struggle to source economical samples to push their research forward. Sourcing samples often took a lot of time and energy that could have been spent doing other tasks that push the technology and business forward. When I started SME Bio, I wanted to create a business that was more like a partner than a supplier. Every client has unique needs from big projects with multiple variables over a long period of time to smaller riskier projects. By focusing on our client's needs as a custom shop, we can supply the best quality samples possible. 


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