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Blood donors needed from people with NO history of lung cancer


DNA repair as a measure of probably of developing lung cancer 


SME Bio, LLC is collecting for Zachary Nagel, Ph.D. at Harvard University. Lung cancer is caused mainly by tobacco smoke, radon, and air pollution. Many of us are exposed to these cancer-causing agents throughout our lives, but only some of us get cancer, and we don’t understand why. Tobacco smoke and radon gas can damage our DNA, the blueprint of the cell. When that happens, our cells may follow incorrect instructions. In the case of cancer, they multiply uncontrollably. But our cells have a defense mechanism called DNA repair. They can remove the damage caused by radon or smoking before it causes health problems. Just like some people are taller than others, some people’s cells are better at repairing DNA damage than others. So, we are collecting blood cells from lung cancer patients and healthy people to find out whether differences in DNA repair explain lung cancer risk. If we are successful, we might be able to know in advance who is likely to get lung cancer, and use this information to detect the disease in its early stages when it is easier to treat. You are being approached for this study because you are a control, meaning that you do NOT currently have lung cancer and you have never had lung cancer. 


$25 payment for this study


80-100 mL of blood will be collected 


Next collection day: Monday April 24th

If you are within driving distance from Johnson City, TN and would like to donate, then please fill out the form below and we will contact you.
Your name will never be associated with your donation to protect your privacy. 


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